Turbomachinery Design Toolkit

Warning: rotating machinery is dangerous, particularly experimental 3D printed turbomachinery. Always operate them in a safe and responsible manner. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Use these designs and software at own risk.


This project is the development of a small scale Turbomachinery Design Library to investigate the feasibility of 3D printing small scale turbomachinery for the hobbyist engineers. The software is written in Python using the Blender API. Free tools and documentation are being built to facilitate the design of axial fans and propellers. The target audience are aeromodellers. The Turbomachinery Design Toolkit is Free Software protected by the GNU Affero GPL.

Here is a screenshot of the Library being used in Blender:

The code can also be used to generate propellors:


Ducted fan design

-Single stage axial compressors
-Mean line analysis tool [documentation]

Propeller design

-Spline interpolation of chord length, foil shape, foil skew.
-Multi-blade propellers

Source code

Ducted Fan Design Library (using Blender API)

Creative Commons STLs

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