7x4 3D printable propeller - Standard Series [Free/Open]

A Standard Series 3D printable propeller designed by Circuit Grove. This is an Open Hardware design whose geometry will be documented. The performance characteristics will eventually be measured and the design optimised.

Diameter: 7" (180mm)
Pitch: 4" (100mm)
Bore: 5mm
Blades: 2
Airfoil: NACA 53XX
Safe RPM: 10,000 max.
Performance characteristics unknown and unoptimised.


MUST BE PRINTED SOLID (lots of perimeters) using supports, with the axis of rotation of the propeller as well as the axis of the blades both in a plane parallel with the print bed. Some sanding for finishing and static balance required. Photo to come.

Warning: rotating machinery is dangerous, particularly experimental 3D printed turbomachinery. Always operate them in a safe and responsible manner. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Use these designs and software at own risk.
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