64mm OD ducted fan [Free/Open]

A 3D print of the 64mm OD ducted fan.

A Standard Series 64mm ducted fan designed for 3D printing. This is an Open Hardware design whose geometry will be documented. The performance characteristics will eventually be measured and the design optimised. A ducted fan is basically a high reaction single stage axial compressor.

This ducted fan is similar in style to HobbyKing's EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 2.5inch 64mm.


Duct OD: 64mm
Motor: 28mm OD (Designed for the HK2836 3800kV outrunner)
Rotor blades: 7
Stator blades: 7
Reaction: 0.9
Flow Coefficient: 0.37
Stage Loading: 0.3

Warning: rotating machinery is dangerous, particularly experimental 3D printed turbomachinery. Always operate them in a safe and responsible manner. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Use these designs and software at own risk.


The EDF parts can be 3D printed using a single extruder machine using support material. Simply download and print the attached geometry files. Must be printed solid using many perimeters with the axis of rotation of the rotor aligned vertically as shown in the following figure.

Printing the rotor using support material.

Though not required, you can try a multi-material print with HIPS as support material, try out these files: Rotor HIPS support STL, Rotor PLA part STL.

A print using dissolvable support material.

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