3D printed flying wing and more

Stumbled upon Shai Hirsch's work when searching for 3D printed flying models. I'm surprised I haven't run into these yet. Great looking work.

3d printed flying wing- maiden and crash from shai hirsch on Vimeo.

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Flying wing example: No sweep, no "vertical stabilisers"

I'm often told that flying wings need winglets or "vertical stabilisers" as people call them. I think in the future I'll point them to this video. The wing has no sweep (barely), no winglets and no drag rudders/split ailerons. To tell you the truth, I'm perplexed as to how this wing even has any yaw stability. I wonder if it's from the drag differential from yaw rate.

3D printed tank threads

Stumbled upon this Youtube video. Makes me want to design and print some tank threads. Perhaps one day, for now, I'll day dream.

OpenSwift build log on RCGroups.com

I posted a build log on RCGroups.com. Trying to garner more attention. Check it out here.

Form, Lift, Drag and Propulsion

This is a neat video that shows boundary layer separation and its effects on drag. It also discusses circulation. These old films are great.

Beta release of OpenSwift design files

I'm making a beta release of the OpenRC OpenSwift flying wing. An open source, mostly 3d printed flying wing R/C airframe. This project is supported by Brook Drumm and Printrbot. I printed this on my Printrbot Go Large V2.

You can download the beta release CAD and STL files here. The design is feature complete for V1.0 release but may need modifications. The first prototype is nearing completion.

Potential flow daydreams

I've been working on a lifting line theory model at work for flapping wings. This has me daydreaming about experimenting with potential flow to predict turbomachinery performance. I'm concerned about the accuracy of the inviscid assumption on the solution. It's still fun to day dream. These are videos I found on Youtube that show a 2D potential flow solution with wake modelling.

Aircraft stability

This is a cool video that explains why the center of gravity should be in front of the center of lift for stable aircraft. It also helps if the thrust angle also applies a downward pitching moment. This is a key concept for aircraft design.

The T100 thruster by Blue Robotics

There is a demand for small scale turbomachinery

The T100: A Game-Changing Underwater Thruster by Blue Robotics


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