Inside an axial compressor

This AgentJayZ video shows interesting views and details of some axial compressors.

A pair of jet engine history documentaries

3D Printed Axial Compressor Development Continues

Work on the Turbomachinery Design Library continues. The above geometry is generated entirely by a Python script using the Blender API.

Burt Rutan: Entrepreneurs are the future of space flight (TED Talk)

In this passionate talk, legendary spacecraft designer Burt Rutan lambasts the US government-funded space program for stagnating and asks entrepreneurs to pick up where NASA has left off.

Multi-stage axial compressor design

I've been working on expanding my Turbomachinery Design Library, which is written in Python for Blender. I'm working on generating what some in the RC world would call a multi-stage ducted fan. In reality it is better called a multi-stage axial compressor.

AgentJayZ - Q54

Hey readers, I've been watching lots of AgentJayZ's youtube channel; a fellow Canadian. In this video he talks about the honeycomb pattern used to prevent leakage around the blades. This guys drops interesting historical tidbits about jet engine designs. Love it.

Intricacy of Jet Engines documentary

I continue to look for an engineering history of jet engine documentary. This one is pretty high level but still a pretty interesting watch for an engineer like myself.

Centrifugal Compressor Principles

I'm loving this ephemeral film by IRHDC. Multi-stage compression!

Release of the first in a series of "Standard" design propellers

Just a quick note, with little fanfare, that I've made a few propellers designs I've generated available for free download. They are STLs and can be 3D printed. You can find them in the Products section.

The Concorde Story

An interesting documentary about the Concorde supersonic jet and its design. Supersonic airframe and turbojet!


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