Printing of 2nd OpenRC Swift prototype has begun

I took a pair of nice pictures of the printing some of the larger parts for the OpenRC Swift. I'm printing out a 2nd prototype after the 1st prototype's untimely demise. Just showing Printrbot some love, nice shots of my Go Large.

OpenRC Swift flight attempts end in failure

The weather held up, so I decided to make another flight attempt with the OpenRC Swift. It didn't end well for the first Prototype, but I learned a few important lessons. First, my estimate for where the CG should be for a pitch stable airframe had error. I've corrected my calculation. So, I'll print off a second prototype, make a few adjustments and try again. The OpenRC Swift will fly!

3D printed 7x4 propeller survives first test

I determined the blade stresses due to centripetal force and found that at the maximum speed of 12,500 RPM, it has a safety factor of 2.8. I mounted a 2200kV 350W motor and installed the propeller on it and spun it up with a 3 cell LIPO. A video of the test is attached above. At max speed, the power usage on the meter reads ~360W (~32A): estimated speed: 12,500RPM.

3D Printed Tesla Torch fast charge flashlight

Cool. I hope this guy is doing well. I don't know if this guy makes a reasonable income from this or not but I'm making a note of his business model and design. I'm going to experiment with a few different business models.

Added a new learning topic: Thermodynamics

Hey, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I've added a few new learning modules on thermodynamics topics. I'm in the early stages of some ducted fan development so I'm brushing up on some fundamentals. Documenting it helps me really solidify the concepts in my mind and it will help me if I ever need a refresher.

Discovered my phone's camera has a DOF feature

Taking a picture of some of the 3D printed turbomachinery I'm working on.

3D printed propellers in the wild

Chris Anderson from 3D Robotics/DIYDrones posted this article about 3D printing propellers back in 2012: - Propeller design for 3D printing. He says:

"Lots of people have suggested 3D printing propellers, but Landru is the first I've seen to do it. Looks pretty good!"

Below is a video of the operation of the 3D printed propeller.

Experimenting with 3D printing functional propellers for RC

I've made some significant updates to my propeller design software. It now uses spline based geometry allowing me to quickly create some intricate shapes that scale with adjustable resolution. The geometry for these 3D printed propellers were automatically generated.

I need to figure if I can generate a business model for this design work that a) will generate income and b) won't get me shunned from Open Hardware or maker groups...

Another is 3D printing turbomachinery!

Today HackADay released/featured an article about a fellow called Steve Johnstone from the UK: HackADay - 3D Printing RC airplanes that fly: An engineer's chronicle. This guy shares a lot of the same interests as I. He's 3D printing fan rotors. So awesome.

How a jet engine works

I like this educational video. It gives a good high level overview of how a jet engine works. This has me daydreaming about how the Circuit Grove Turbomachinery Design Toolkit.


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