Circuit Grove is undergoing changes

Circuit Grove hasn't been updated recently because its efforts have been focused on a few new computing related projects. If these projects bare fruit, they will be hosted independently. Forgive my lack of updates here. Busy, be back soon. Email me about any of the work found here:


What is an OpAmp

Interested in OpAmps these days, this is an awesome video by EEVblog. Gotta love Dave.

OpenRC H-1 Racer

It's been a while

Free time is a sparse commodity. I continue to endeavour in a variety of projects, which has spread me thin. I need to spend more time completing this website.

I am working on getting a paypal based donation solution. Might also be trying to explore a few ways of generating income from making open hardware designs; working on an e-store solution.

Stay tuned

Open source solar charge controller

I've been learning a bit about solar charging. Ran across this video and wanted to share with you engineering types.

2nd build of the OpenRC Swift build to continue

I decided to put 100$ into Circuit Grove Industries this month. It needs Limonene for the axial compressor design work and balsa for finishing the 2nd OpenRC Swift prototype. Whatever is left over will go to pay the bills.

First successful multi-material 3D print: PLA + HIPS

Just sharing some photos of my first multi-material print, PLA in blue, and dissolvable HIPS in green. Good results, the PLA side has less imperfections. Getting ready to make some rather complex prints.

Ducted propeller/fan theory 101

Here are a pair of well produced crash course videos on ducted propeller and fan theory by "RC Model Reviews" on YouTube. He explains a few ways that ducted fans are more efficient.

Preparing for multi-material printing

After my last blog post, a reader has supplied me with a few rolls of HIPS to help support my work. This will help keep the multi-stage axial compressor work moving forward. I need to use dissolvable HIPS support in order to 3D print it. So in preparation, I started 3D printing a multi-color "calibration" cube in PLA in 2 colours. I've been refining my Slic3r settings and preventing oozing. Check out the results I'm getting now.

Need support for open hardware development

I need to buy supplies to continue development: balsa sheeting, HIPS filament, ABS filament, Limonene. This work is a time sink, and also a small financial drain. That's why I've been using Open Source development models; to try and get support in the form of contributed development hours.


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