Work continues on 3D printed F-86 EDF Jet

I've been working on the 3d drawings for the F-86 edf jet. I've got most of the hull sections in place. I test printed Section 4 yesterday; Section 4 is the section that will hold the EDF unit. I confirmed there will be no problems installing and removing the EDF unit. However I have to figure out how to set my tolerances when 3D printing, because things don't fit right. Any best practices?

This is looking pretty feasible. With a 4% infill, my 7 sections will weigh about 70-100g each. with everything, I think I can keep the plane to a little over 1kg.

Unfortunately I've had a few print fails. It seems that after my Replicator 2 has laid a high number of layers, the nozzle gets caught on the print which cause stepper motor errors. I think there's a build up in layer height error, so I'm going to attempt to reduce this by adjusting the feedDiameter parameter.

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