Printing of 2nd OpenRC Swift prototype has begun

I took a pair of nice pictures of the printing some of the larger parts for the OpenRC Swift. I'm printing out a 2nd prototype after the 1st prototype's untimely demise. Just showing Printrbot some love, nice shots of my Go Large.



Have you made stls of the larger ribs cut up so that they can be printed on smaller desktop printers? I thought I remembered you talking about it in one of your videos. Anyways I like what you're doing with this.

Yup, I have. They should be in the repository, but they are likely a bit out of date. I'll likely update them after I release a V1.0 set of files.

How big is your bed? I had broken them up so that I could print this thing on a Replicator 2. I'm pretty spoiled with the large print bed I've got with the Printrbot Go Large.

I have a prusa i3 with a 200x200x80mm print volume. I actually just got everything calibrated on it and am very impressed with it :D

You'll be able to print this with the broken up parts. I'll include them in my upcoming V1.0 release.

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