An open source 3D printed airplane for FPV, UAV and R/C

I've been experimenting with ways of 3D printing an RC airframe using a hobby printer. I had already tried to 3D print full airplane parts with skin and all and failed. I was following suit with a handful of other 3D printed airframe examples, but unlike their university student designers, I don't have a access to pro grade 3D printers. My desktop PLA printer just can't do produce large enough parts without warping or splitting them up. Plus a plastic skin adds a lot of weight. So I decided to design the airframe the only other way I knew how, like I'd design a balsa/plywood airframe, made of 2D parts that are assembled together to form a frame and covered a balsa skin.

I posted about this work on OpenRC's Google+ page. Brook Drumm from Printrbot noticed what I was doing and we got to talking a bit about what my plans were for the project. He must've liked what I was doing because he offered to support the project! He'll be providing me with a Printrbot Go Large which has a 2'x1'x1' built platform to help me design this thing. In exchange, I agreed to complete the aircraft design and release it under an Open Source license. I asked for some stickers so hopefully I'll be able to put some Printrbot logos on it. I'll probably VLog a bit about this project and host its files here.

The plane will be a flying wing design. Its design focus is endurance. The plan is to make a few mods for UAV aerial photography, FPV and R/C. All files will be released to the community under CC BY SA. I'm hoping the project will also be adopted by OpenRC.

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