New prototyping machine

I've received my Printrbot Go Large and have been printing and experimenting with its giant build surface and triple extruders. Many thanks to Brook Drum. I think he'll like the flying wing design I'm producing. I'm going to host my Go Large Slic3r configuration for peer review and to help out new Go Large users.

I want to make use of other plastics, particularly the use of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) for support material. So I'm working on upgrading the build plate with a silicone heater pad. I'm getting a 500W silicone heater pad, controlled by relay/thermocouple. The heat transfer coefficient for natural convection of air on a hot plate is between 5-25 W/(m^2 K). The heat transfer equation for convection is:

$q = hA\partial T$

where $A$ is the area of the heated surface, $\partial T$ is the differential temperature between the air and the hot plate, h is the heat transfer coefficient and $q$ is the heat transfer rate in Watts.

So using a conservative coefficient of heat transfer of 25 W/(m^2 K) I'm calculating the heater needs to supply about 500W to the plate to equal to the rate of heat loss from the plate.

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