Multi-stage axial compressor design

I've been working on expanding my Turbomachinery Design Library, which is written in Python for Blender. I'm working on generating what some in the RC world would call a multi-stage ducted fan. In reality it is better called a multi-stage axial compressor.

There are no multi-stage axial compressors on the market for RC applications. The reason why, as I understand it, is simple: efficiency. The same amount of thrust can be achieved at higher efficiencies with a larger diameter ducted fan. However, I can envision a reason why one would want a multi-stage axial compressor over a single stage ducted fan.

An electric axial compressor is analogous to a Turbojet, while an electric ducted fan is like a Turbofan. The reason the airline industry today is powering their airliners with turbofans over the turbojets used in the 60's is because the same amount of thrust can be generated more efficiently using the larger diameter fans.

The advantage of multi-stage axial compressors over single-stage ducted fans is the same thrust can be delivered in a smaller package, allowing smaller airframes, reducing drag and allowing higher flight speeds to be achieved. This is why most jet fighters today are turbojet powered. If efficiency isn't your primary concern and speed is, a turbojet, or electric axial compressor, may be the solution.

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