Ducted Fan Design Library using the BlenderAPI

I've just released my Blender Python scripts that parametrically generate the geometry for an EDF rotor. The scripts are in a very early, proof of concept state. They'll currently only generate the geometry for the rotor. WARNING: Manufacturing and use of the turbo-machinery designed with this software is at your own risk.

I've decided to release my code early, and to release my changes often. So I've given public read-only access to my Mercurial repository; I'll make a stable release when the scripts are ready. I'm going to follow a Free Software/Open Source model as much as possible. My hopes are to attract collaborators and other interested engineers to share the workload.

You can check out the project page here. Read access to my Mercurial branch can be found here: http://hg.code.sf.net/p/ductedfandesignlibrary/code

I've attached a sample STL file of a 64mm rotor I generated. It's not useful for anything other than to demonstrate what the script can generate.

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