3D printing EDF ducting for an axial fan test bench.

Photo: Warming up the Replicator 2 to 3D print some EDF ducting.

So I started 3D printed the ducting for the EDF test bench I've been working on. The plan is to generate some fan curves, and better understand the behaviour of the fans. I'll post more about the test bench soon.

I was performing some more tests with the Hobby King 64mm fan earlier. I couldn't get it to draw more than 125 Watts, even with the test bench ducting on to guide the flow. Obstructing the intake only reduces power draw. Funnily though, for my last run, I ramped up throttle very slowly and managed to draw up to 180 Watts. That's pretty close to my predictions. I wonder if I was throttling too fast and stalling the blades. I'll have to conduct this experiment again. The test bench prototype is almost done.



Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the Fantastic work

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